WordProof is WordPress on the blockchain.

WordProof brings the benefits of blockchain to WordPress

WordPress is a textbook example of a community which is stronger than any other commercial company. With more than 100 million sites and thousands of Open Source developers, it dominates 32,5% of the worldwide Content Management System market.

The purpose of WordProof is to generate the go-to WordPress to Blockchain bridge, bringing the benefits of Blockchain to the WordPress community in a user-friendly way.


Sebastiaan v/d Lans


Marijn Bent


Jelle v/d Schoot


Frank van Dalen


Julian Sanjivan

Project Management

Track record in WordPress (2007), GDPR and EOSIO (2017)

In addition to the team, WordProof has two strategic partners:

  • EuropeChain – EuropeChain is an initiative of Block producers EOS Amsterdam, Dutch EOS (Block producer on TELOS) and several other European EOSIO block producers;
  • Telos – the EOSIO Innovation lab. WordProof is one of the first projects ever funded by a Telos Worker Proposal.