WordProof is WordPress on the blockchain.

WordProof brings the benefits of blockchain to WordPress

WordPress is a textbook example of a community which is stronger than any other commercial company. With more than 100 million sites and thousands of Open Source developers, it dominates 32,5% of the worldwide Content Management System market.

The purpose of WordProof is to generate the go-to WordPress to Blockchain bridge, bringing the benefits of Blockchain to the WordPress community in a user-friendly way.


Bas van der Lans


Marijn Bent


Jelle van der Schoot


Frank van Dalen


Rhett Oudkerk Pool


Track record in WordPress (2007), GDPR and EOSIO (2017)

In addition to the team, WordProof has two strategic partners:

  • EuropeChain – EuropeChain is an initiative of Block producers EOS Amsterdam, Dutch EOS (Block producer on TELOS) and several other European EOSIO block producers;
  • Telos – the EOSIO Innovation lab. WordProof is one of the first projects ever funded by a Telos Worker Proposal.