WordProof Timestamp – Setup Guide

Blockchain is no easy technology to use, but we have developed several tools to get you started. This article will guide you through the entire process: from installing the plugin to your first timestamp.

There’s also a WordProof Timestamp Installation Guide video (12 min).

Step 1 – Install & Activate the plugin

WordProof Timestamp is available on the WordPress.org, so it can be installed and activated from your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2 – Launch the Setup Wizard

After activating WordProof Timestamp, head over to the WordProof Timestamp Plugin Options.

You need a blockchain account and wallet to timestamp. Use the WordProof Setup Wizard for this, which launches after clicking the ‘Start The Setup‘ button (or go to the ‘1. Setup’ tab and launch the wizard from there).

Click on Get Started and proceed by filling in a 12 character name for your website.

Your keys will be returned. It is IMPORTANT to save these keys. Click “Save as TXT” to save the file to your computer. These keys are the only way to access your account – do not share them with someone else.

Now comes the hardest part: downloading a wallet (Scatter) and configuring it. The WordProof Setup Wizard includes a step-by-step walkthrough with small videos on how to do this. In the future, those steps will be in this guide as well.

If you have successfully added your blockchain account (Telos or EOS) to your Scatter wallet, you are ready for the next step!

Step 3 – Claim your 100 WORD (Stamps!)

You have your own blockchain account, but need WORD stamps before you can timestamp. (You receive 1 WORD for every WORD you ‘spend’ up to 5 pieces of content per day, after that, you ‘pay’ 1 WORD.) You can claim 100 WORD via stamps.wordproof.io.

Click on the blockchain you created an account on and make sure Scatter is opened and unlocked. Your account name should show, after which you can click on Get Started. 3 steps will follow:

  1. 10 WORD – Click a button
  2. 80 WORD – Sign up for WordProof Timestamp Mailing List
  3. 10 WORD – Timestamp your first piece of content

Step 1: The first step is worth 10 WORD. Click on Add 10 WORD to x to receive your first WORD.

Step 2: Enter (and confirm) your email address to receive 80 WORD. We will send you occasional emails explaining WordProof Timestamp. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Step 3: Timestamp your first post within 10 days to receive 10 WORD.

If you completed all these steps, you now have a blockchain account with 100 WORD and a configured wallet. It is time to timestamp your first post!

Step 4 – Timestamp your first post

Go to any WordPress post or page. You should see a WordProof widget on the right. Open and unlock Scatter to connect WordProof. You should see your blockchain account name and your WORD balance.

Click Timestamp to secure your content on the blockchain!


What’s Next

Consider joining the WordProof Telegram to help other WordProof enthousiasts with the setup, or to stay in the loop about future WordProof developments!