Protect your content with blockchain, while staying GDRP compliant

With WordProof Timestamp, you protect your valuable content with blockchain. Prove your integrity, transparency and authenticity to all stakeholder.

Europechain is a GDPR supporting blockchain, enabling global enterprises to deploy scalable, resilient and EU compliant applications.

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Worry-free blockchain protection with We Stamp For You

The We Stamp For You service automatically secures all your edits and publications on the blockchain, 100% automatically on the background.

Blockchain Certificate

Download proof of your content ownership. The Blockchain Certificate is visible for visitors and can be downloaded by website owners.


Every revision is saved, along with proof of ownership. Scroll through time and, optionally, be transparent about changes in content.

Blockchain powers

With WordProof Timestamp you can…


Claim Ownership

Timestamps provide indisputable proof of ownership over your content.

Prove Authenticity

Your content is secured on the blockchain, there for everyone to see.

Fight Fake News

Take responsibility over your content by adding your name in a tamper-proof chain.

Build an Archive

All revisions of your content are saved automatically, creating a searchable archive.

European Laws

Be prepared for new European laws, such as the GDPR, Link tax, upload filter and more.

Inspire Others

Inspire all publishers and organisations in the world to prove their integrity.


Tens of publishers have secured over a hundred thousand pieces of content on the blockchain. You can too.

Protect your content while staying GDPR compliant

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Questions aboutWordProof Timestamp & Europechain

How do I set it up?

Install the WordProof Timestamp plugin and enter your website’s API-key, which you can find in the My WordProof dashboard.

Does WordProof access my WordPress account?

No, WordProof can’t access your WordPress account.

How much does it cost?

The costs are based on:

  • Consultancy costs
  • Implementation costs
  • WordProof API usage
  • Capacity on the Europechain (XEC token)
  • SLA (if needed)