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WordProof Timestamp

  • Time-stamp any WordPress content to the Blockchain
  • Prove authenticity and integrity
  • Comply with T&C, Privacy Policy laws

WordProof Timestamp is available in the WordPress.org Plugin repository.

WordProof Timestamp – Explainer Video (1m58)

Ownership + Transparency = Trust.

What does one license mean?

One premium WordProof Timestamp license can be used on one single WordPress installation. Enterprise customers do not have this limit.

Will I receive updates?

Each license comes with one year of free updates to the WordProof Timestamp plugin. After this year, you can renew your license to stay up to date with the latest features.

Make your website more effective by being transparent towards your visitors.

Consumers have trust issues online. In an era of fake news, hacks and political activity across all platforms, trust seems more important than ever. “We can be trusted” does not cut it anymore: proving trust is the way forward.

WordProof Timestamp enables individuals, companies and enterprises to prove trust. Be transparent about what happens to the content on your website with the benefits of blockchain. Consumers’ trust will follow, making your brand more effective.

Extra Insurance on Ownership

The sooner your company starts timestamping content, the sooner you claim ownership and responsibility. You can claim absolute ownership by publishing content to the blockchain: no one can claim they were first.

In five years from now, if you don’t timestamp your articles on the blockchain, you’re going to be considered a fraud.

Brendan BlumerCo-Founder & CEO Block.One

Did you WordProof your content yet?