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By securing your content on the blockchain with WordProof Timestamp for Joomla!, you can:

  • Claim ownership over your content
  • Increase your visitors’ trust
  • Prove authenticity and integrity
  • Scare copy-cats with legal proof

Experience the power of blockchain.

I'm a Joomla! developer

WordProof is looking for a Joomla! development partner to realise WordProof Timestamp for Joomla!

  • Proven track record in Joomla! development
  • Active role in Joomla / Open Source community
  • Proven track record in marketing
  • Blockchain enthousiast

There is a business model in place.

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In five years from now, if you don’t timestamp your articles on the blockchain, you’re going to be considered a fraud.

Brendan BlumerCo-Founder & CEO Block.One

WordProof Timestamp – Explainer Video (1m58)